Nutraceutical FAQ

Q: Are PreD Nutraceuticals gluten free?

There are no ingredients containing gluten in our products.

Q: Do the supplements contain any of the major allergens like corn, wheat, soy or dairy?

Our formulas have all been manufactured without corn, wheat, soy or dairy. Any product made with an allergen will be listed on the label. To avoid cross contamination, all allergen ingredients are identified and quarantined when they arrive at our manufacturing facility and handled separately during the manufacturing processes.

Q: Do PreD Nutraceuticals contain dyes or artificial colors?

There are no dyes or artificial colors. 

Q: Do PreD Nutraceuticals contain fillers?

Yes. Most supplements have fillers because the active ingredient alone would be too small to ingest by itself. Fillers are used to make the active ingredient a size that is easier to ingest. Note that the use of fillers is very minimal compared to the active ingredient. 

Q: Is our manufacturer inspected and audited by the FDA?

Yes. Our manufacturer has been in business for 51 years and making supplements for more than 25 years. Our manufacturer has had many visits from both the FDA and Michigan Department of Agriculture over that period of time. They are also annually inspected by the USDA. 

Q: How do you verify that your nutraceuticals are as potent as advertised?

Our manufacturer validates both the raw materials and finished goods for purity, potency and potential contamination from yeast, mold and other contaminants.

Q: Is PreD CoQ10 made from Ubiquinol or Ubiquinone?


Q: What is the source of your Alpha Lipoic Acid?

All lipoic acid in PreD Nutraceuticals is chemically synthesized to make our products more affordable. Extracting it from natural food sources is difficult and prohibitively expensive.