Our Mission

Our Mission

Texas Metabolic Centers is a fast-growing health care company that provides physician-directed, comprehensive prediabetes treatment. This treatment includes biomarker-based blood testing, health coaching, nutritional supplementation, pharmaceuticals, customized fitness plans, nutrition education, planning and support.

With these tools, we want to end the global type 2 diabetes epidemic... one person at a time.

Why Nutraceuticals?

If you have prediabetes, the precursor to type 2 diabetes, your body may lack nutrients that healthy eating alone can't restore, or you may require supplementation to address specific health issues. Without proper nutrients, it can be difficult to manage a health condition. That's why PreDiabetes Centers has developed a line of proprietary nutraceuticals—dietary supplements derived from vitamins, minerals and herbal, plant-based ingredients designed to offer extra health benefits. Our dietary supplements: 

  • Include proprietary formulas
  • Are shipped straight to your door
  • Eliminate the need to buy vitamins, minerals or nutrients separately
  • Feature convenient packaging for ease of use (PreD Foundation)

Our nutraceuticals are designed to be incorporated into a comprehensive dietary, fitness and pharmaceutical plan. The quality of materials and production of these nutritional supplements incorporate Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Not sure which nutraceuticals are right for you? Talk to your doctor or health coach for more information!

Need help with The PreD Store? Contact customer support at 1-888-725-4151 or customersupport@prediabetescenters.com